Sponsors of 2020 OK 5k Race

Many of our sponsors for this year's race had already made donations before we unfortunately had to cancel the race due to safety concerns in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this did not temper the generosity and community spirit of these sponsors as they chose to either apply their donations directly to the local food pantry or roll it over to next year's race. A testament to their support and commitment which in turn inspires us to continue with the OK5k over these 20-plus years. We have always felt that it was more than a road race and our sponsors are one shining example of what that means.

So, even though we are not holding the race this year, we are very happy that the OK5k through the generosity of our sponsors can support the local Food Pantry with a donation of $4,850.00 during this pandemic. And please support our sponsors as they support all of us.


And among these sponsors are four who have been with the race every year since its start in 1999: