You Tube Videos

Videos from past races are available from this page or directly on the OK5k YouTube Playlist

Also be sure to check out the OK5k Facebook Page for more photos and news about the race: past, present, and future.

Drone Videos from the 2018 Races

2018 Chris Volney One-Mile Race

Part 1: At the Starting Line

Part 2: And They're Off!

Part 3: Crossing the Finish Line

Part 4: All Runners In

OK5k Race

Part 1: Lining Up

Part 2: Taking Off

Part 3: To the Finish

Part 4: To the Finish

Part 5: To the Finish

Part 6: To the Finish

Part 7: To the Finish

Part 8: To the Finish

Videos from the 2012 Races

Chris Volney One-Mile Race

OK5k Finish: Part 1

OK5k Finish: Part 2

OK5k Finish: Part 2