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What a day, we are thankful for such a great community that makes this event possible.
Fotos and Results in links below.
Please credit our amazing Photographer Siobhan Connally when using the pictures.
Thank you ARE Event Productions for timing and support!

All proceeds from the OK5k Race are donated to local non-profit, charitable organizations. In its 20+ years, the race has provided over $167,150 to local non-proft organizations. All of those contributions go back directly to the Northern Columbia community, benefiting groups such as Boy Scouts, school clubs, fire departments, libraries, food pantries, fraternal organizations, youth organizations, rescue squads, historical societies, trails and fitness. Please continue to support this truly community-based event. It’s not just about running.

Support our Sponsors!

Along with our major sponsor — Community Bank — dozens of local businesses, organizations, and individuals make the OK5k possible. Please visit our sponsor’s page and support them when you’re in the area.

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